A Sneak Preview from Simone & Oliver’s personal wedding full of pure nature in it’s most beautiful form

August 7, 2017

Nature knows best when it comes to beauty.  Simone and Oliver’s day was one great nature fest with all aspects harmoniously echoing the wild raw beauty of Gniben Sjællands Odde, Denmark. I have a habit for wanderlust and discovering new places so it was a treat to travel to what felt like the end of the world, a skinny strip of land making up a peninsular surrounded by an almost 360 ° seascape, one side rough and one side calm. It was breathtaking and energising to be surrounded by such such untouched nature and blustery winds. The palette of this beauty being an array of blues, greys, grey greens, ochres, yellow and purples – all the colours of Simone and Oliver’s day so delicately and un-fussily presented. The sea shone so many different shades depending on the sun and as Oliver pointed out as the water was the same colour as Simone’s eyes  – and so it was (that sounds gooey but I promise you it wasn’t when Oliver mentioned it!)! The Table settings continued these natural hues from the glassware to the decorative pebbles, shells and starfish adorning the tables to the coloured glassware. Enough about the decorations as beautiful as they were, Simone and Oliver’s day was very much all about the people and keeping the day as personal as possible. Their many friends and family flocked to this peaceful corner of the world so special and filled with wonderful memories. It was important to make the day as memorable for guests also, I was struck by the personal idea of asking guests to gather wild flowers and fauna (not endangered!) of their choice to decorate the tables with – so lovely as each vase looked slightly different. What a wonderful idea!

The ceremony itself took “natural and relaxed” to a whole new level. Guests made themselves comfy on the beach meters from the sea, either sitting or laying on a rustic carpet or on chairs fringing the area. Kids skimmed pebbles in the sea and everyone took in the majestic natural beauty surrounding. A philosopher friend took the ceremony which was full of personal touches and a surprise too 😉 All this was accompanied by the fantastic blue grass sounds of Twang and the waves of course. The vibe was sunny, happy and super chilled.

Simone chose a beauty of a dress strewn with colourful floral embroidery from Zara. The search to find the perfect dress was an arduous one with Simone’s sister discovering this gem which suited the occasion perfectly! Oliver keeping things personal chose a magnificent jacket designed by a friend (Mia Behens) selected from her graduation project which he teamed with navy shorts. After the ceremony guests headed over to a field for more blue grass notes and a mezze of delicious delicacies, craft ale, fizzy, games and chit chat. Catering was by family members including an enormous cake!

Oliver and Simone have three gorgeous children, it was great to escape the hubbub of the party for some beach time and to take some relaxed snaps of family fun by the waves (and a little bit in them!). The children looked adorable in muted sea tones by Svært Fint. Oliver’s guitar came along for the fun too.

Then the feasting (a LOT of amazing feasting thanks to the talents of chefs in the family! From salmon, lamb, pork courses to an entourage of ice-creaam cakes a blaze with rocket-esque sparklers) and speeches followed before the DJ Son of a Preacher, a friend from Copenhagen, hit his 12 10 decks with the Simone and Oliver’s favourite tracks which latest long onto the night…and the morning so I hear! 😉 It was an incredible celebration so full heartfelt details, moments, friends and family young from all the generations coming together for a heck of a celebration. Oliver and Simone thanks for sharing such a personal day with me, it was an honour to be there to share it with you ❤️



Wedding Dress: Zara

Wedding Shoes: Ecco

Floral Crown: Pia Ravnborg

Groom’s Jacket: Mia Behren from Margrethe Skolen

Groom’s shorts: H&M

Groom’s shoes: from Turkey

Floral Design: Pia Ravnborg

Cake Maker: Simone’s cousin

Hair Stylist and Make UP: Simone’s sister and friend

DJ: Son of a Preacher Man