25% Off Print Promo: For the ❤️ of the printed image

February 11, 2018

With Valentine’s Day approaching I am excited to offer a special promotion on prints from client galleries. Images are memory and there is no greater way to treasure these precious moments than having them printed in a tangible form in this digital age. There is something truly magical about the printed image!

Treat yourself or someone you love to 25% off prints from your online gallery with my special Valentine offer. These beautiful prints use high quality Fuji Lustre archival paper which resists fading for generations.

The offer is valid from February 9th to February 16th. Please order your images before Monday 12th February if you wish your images to arrive on Valentines day or before. Delivery for International clients living outside of the UK delivery can take up to 10 working days.

To obtain your 25 % discount click COUPON CODE on checking out and enter the PROMO CODE: JYDJL


Each time I visit my mama I am reminded of the importance of print quality. She has a lovely photo of herself with my father who now is sadly no longer with us, looking happy and gorgeous in their wedding finery, however, they are fading away and turning ever more green (see pic below!)! You can barely see their facial features now. It actually breaks my heart to see it and is something I must fix once I have pinned down the original digital file to have it printed by a professional lab. The photo isn’t one of my official wedding photos as it was taken and printed by a kind guest, probably on an an inkjet printer using a low quality paper. Please let this be an example to show the importance of investing in high quality prints. Our loved ones deserve to exist in more than just digital pixels and on budget paper in low quality ink. Please please print your pictures with quality in mind! 🙂


I love to know that my clients are printing images to enjoy in their most beautiful form, looking at them each day, reminding themselves of the happy memories from special times. Printed images are so special and I am a huge advocate of this evocative medium. I love that I am able to offer the chance to easily purchase printed images from my online galleries for each commission I take on. I love the convenience of being able to flick through images on my phone too, but there is something extra special about being able to physically handle a photograph.

Instagram, Facebook and the Internet in general, have whipped up an ocean of images serving the world but it’s the extra special moments and people that we choose to print, to freeze in time and treasure if you like. When it comes to prints, I feel these should last the test of time. There are so many options available for printing nowadays that contribute to the final result from the printing methods such as photographic silver halide and inkjet to the paper type chosen, paper colour, plus of course the print technician overseeing the process. The results can differ significantly from printer to printer. This is why it is important to choose wisely and choose a quality professional lab over a budget option with the risk of misrepresenting colours, creating colour casts and fuzzy images.

My absolute favourite prints use extra special Giclée paper (see images within this post with the border around them). Giclée papers can come in different textures and shades which transform a photograph into a beautiful painterly soft image. They are thick, luxurious and a dream to touch. I love them so much that I gift a few favourite images to my clients when they receive their USB of images. Let’s keep the printed image alive by choosing quality to treasure our precious memories with. Viva the printed image! ❤❤❤