A Sneak Preview from Emily & Nikolaj’s beautiful laid back wedding at Pladeværkstedet, Copenhagen

June 20, 2017

Well Saturday was a whole heap of fun, a wave of rustic beauty and one of heck of a party! I wouldn’t have expected anything else from lifestyle blogger Emily Salomon (https://emilysalomon.dk) and former pro skier Nikolaj Vang. Emily and Nikolaj have great taste and an eye for detail so I knew there would be lots of gorgeous details to capture and there were….lots and lots… a whole warehouse and back yard full! I loved how the industrial feel of the Pladeværkstedet warehouse was juxtaposed with a natural rustic vibe, it worked beautifully.

In Denmark it is tradition that the Groom picks the bouquet. No pressure! The bouquet turned out to a relaxed beauty of dreamy meadow florals that complemented the floral crown perfectly. Emily’s beloved dog called Penny also got to wear flowers in a form of a decorated collar. She excitedly walked Emily and her mother down the aisle.

The vibe was chilled, the guests super happy, the sun was out to play (yes Copenhagen, summer is really here!) while the Moet flowed. After speeches and feasting the dance floor came alive with some crazy cool moves as the cocktails flowed.

So far I am really amazed at how impressive the first dances are in Denmark. I’ve yet to see a two second shuffle as couples really put some effort into making it a great spectacle for guests. I think Emily and Nikolaj’s was the fastest one I’ve seen, they flew around the floor like a whirlwind not missing a beat!

Another Scandinavian tradition includes the end of the Groom’s socks being cut off. I’ve read that this apparently has something to do with making sure he doesn’t go after any other women now that he’s a married man! I’ve also read something along the lines of making sure his so his wife can sew! If anyone knows better I would love to know!

One memory that will stay with me from the night was almost being taken out by Emily’s bionic bouquet toss! Hilarious! Loved Emily’s reaction too (final pic). Such a fun celebration. Wishing you every happiness guys and have fun surfing! ❤️


Bride’s dress:  Self-Portrait 

Bride’s shoes: Aquazzura 

Groom’s suit: Filippa K

Groom’s shoes: Hi Tec

Floral Design Arch and tables: Flowertales 

Bouquet and flower crown: Blomsterskuret

Hair and Make Up: Morten Kongsbak

Venue: https: Pladevarkstedet